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The first week, in Paris…was great.

So, what do we all think of 2024 so far?

“Rubbish!” To quote the late, great Eric Morecambe.

The first week, in Paris and Pontoise was great, even though I was unknowingly incubating this horrible lurgy that everyone has had.

It makes COVID feel like the common cold. The said virus took hold following my return to Blighty, and hung around me like a millstone for the following fortnight. When I finally emerged from my self-imposed quarantine, I found out that most of my friends and family had suffered similarly.

“The hundred Day Cough” They’re calling it. I can think of other things, none of which are printable. I feel that we’re in another pandemic, but the powers that be are otherwise engaged. What with? Well, there’s the end of the world, to quote the still living and by no means great Grant Shapps, “we are no longer in a post war era, we are in a pre war era” WT actual F?

Then there’s the financial crisis, apparently the treasury is more skint than when Gordon Brown left it, if that’s possible.

Finally, the great and the good are airing their dirty laundry in public, via WhatsApp messages, at the enquiry for the LAST pandemic.

All-in-all, a proper shit show.

Meanwhile back to 2024, and the stuff I can actually do something about. As we approach the end of January (Yes, I know!) I find myself homeless, with every possession I own in Shimamoto’s shapely boot. I’m living in a hotel, wishing away the days until I arrive at my new home in Brittany. Seven and counting.

Now here’s the thing. Since moving out of the flat, and giving away the last chattels of my previous existence, I feel strangely calm. I actually mentioned this to my good friend, to the effect that I thought the flat was cursed. Well, she used to write letters and cards to it.

“Dear Brian’s Flat etc…..”

Anyway, when I returned yesterday to pack the final things, that horrible feeling came back. There is definitely something in it and I’ll be happy if I never see it again.

On Tuesday, following my dental appointment and Shimmy’s MoT test, I shall set off in a southerly direction. The leisurely pace will see me arrive in Portsmouth in time for my sailing to Caen on Friday morning.

Goodbye and good riddance to 2023 and pull your finger out 2024!

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  1. Kenneth Childs

    You’re right Brian that was one hell of a virus. Almost cost me my holiday. Doctor at Rake Lane walk in clinic said I had a serious chest infection I told him I was flying the following day. He gave me some 500mg Amoxicillin which could hopefully help. He asked me If I had health insurance and to not be afraid to ask for help if I had breathing difficulties on the flight scary or what. Thankfully I was ok but still have the remnants and cough.


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