A Step Closer.

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an apartment in a converted former Catholic girls’ school.

The possibility of living the dream did just that when an email appeared in my inbox.

“Retire to France – Apartments to Rent with Lake Views.” The communication went on to describe an apartment in a converted former Catholic girls’ school. The location was a village called Huelgoat, (pronounced Hwelgot). I had visited a couple of times in my forays away from my beloved coastline.

It was one of the more interesting places inland, boasting several attractions for both residents and tourists. For example there is the huge man-made lake on whose shore the village stands. In addition to that and the usual amenities, there is an enchanted wood, watermill, World Of Bees and an Arboretum boasting hundreds of trees from around the world. The area is criss-crossed by footpaths hiding such delights as the mushroom stone, the trembling stone and the Devil’s Grotto. The latter has the local bar named after it.

Speaking of which, in search of libation, I discovered the Brittany Pub in the village square. Charmingly free of PMU and lottery machines, it was a refreshing change to the bars I’d visited previously.

I ordered my beer in French From the personable landlady and sat down. The aforementioned then re-engaged in conversation with her other three customers – in English. The subject? English expats living in France!

A true find indeed. Perhaps sometimes, things are meant to be, to get a step closer.

Here’s the fifth part of those strange fishy tale…


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