Back. Not Home:

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“When are you coming home?” Someone asked me, who shall remain nameless.

“Home?” I replied. “Where is that exactly?”

‘Well, here, of course. You know. Whitley Bay, the North East. Your roots,” came the response.

“What am I? A tree?” I countered, regretting it immediately. That was out of order – or was it?

I once received a gift from a good friend. It was a framed picture, made from tiny balls, meticulously assembled to spell out a statement.

“Home is Not a Place. It’s a Feeling.”

The quote comes directly from a romantic novel by multi-million best selling Irish author, Cecelia Ahern, entitled Love, Rosie.

The strange thing about this gift is that it comes with a hook, on the back of the frame. The Hook is designed to hang on a wall. The wall being presumably that of home.

I hung that lovely present on the wall of my former home because, at the time, it was appropriate. Now that home belongs to someone else.

Contrast that to another picture. This time a painting. Just as important as the previous one, however differing in the method of its acquisition. This was not a gift but a purchase. A very valuable purchase. How valuable? I hear you ask. How about a human life? How about two?

Yes, that’s the value of that picture and is why it will never leave my side.

The fist picture tells it how it is, a message to us all to find true happiness. The second is a symbol of how we can help create that happiness for others.

I can’t split my love for the two pictures and never will. They are both special to me and so are their creators.

As for coming home? I’m here now. Yes, I’ll come back, to see friends and family. They mean so much to me. However, they have their own homes, their own lives – and I have mine.

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