Bus? What bus?

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Is that Wednesday only? Yes but only on a school day…

Yesterday, I spent a wonderful day on the beautiful island of Callot , with its ancient chapel, exquisite beaches and causeway, which like our own Lindisfarne, is inundated at high tide. I am currently writing up my account.

Today, (Wednesday, that’s important) I want to talk about busses. The one downside of rural Brittany, if there even is one, is the public transport system. However, I must say at this point, it’s free to all. Yes, no waiting until you have one foot in the grave to get a free bus here! (I’m only jealous, roll on May).

Now the bad news.

One needs a degree in linguistics, statistics and pure maths to enable to to have a reasonably full day in Morlaix

the conclusion is…Wednesday during term time. One will be able to pass several pleasant hours in this charming town before scaling the heights to the train station which towers above the place, to catch one’s bus home.

Branded, Integrated Transport. On a day with a ‘W’ in it!

I wandered around for a while as I was dropped in the Centre-Ville before anything was open. At ten thirty, I entered the most pleasant Madame Monsieur Bonjour, for a coffee and cake. I chose the Brioche Façon Pain Perdu, which roughly translates to Coronary on a Plate. My arteries are still furred up now thanks to this delicious, if generous concoction.

which roughly translates to Coronary on a Plate

I washed it down with two coffees and plenty of water, while I composed the next chapter. That climb was going to be harder than I thought!

Here are the fruits of my cholesterol fuelled labours…


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