Day Nine: I’ve Stopped Counting the Days!

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Accompanied by a café au lait and a huge chunk of blood orange cake…

“What’s the weather like?” She asked.

“White people mild. It’s 12°,” I replied, “9° warmer than Whitley Bay.”

“That’s nice. How does that work?” She asked.

“Well, Brittany has it’s own climate. It’s surrounded on three sides by sea, which wraps around it like warm blanket, ” I said.

“Nice,” she said again.

‘Yes,” I said, as I watched the horizontal rain batter the street outside, with the help of the Atlantic wind. It was as if the ocean had been lifted and dumped onto this beautiful pointed peninsula.


I was observing this meteorological phenomenon from the comfort of Madame Monsieur Bonjour, a self confessed Resto-Boutique , who’s owner was as welcoming as her sign, which ended with kisses, (Bisous). Accompanied by a café au lait and a huge chunk of blood orange cake, I took out my laptop and perfected the two missing chapters of Sesame Seed.


Today, I will stop counting the days! From now on, it will be a mixture of random observations and writing. A bit like today. I hope you enjoy it as much as me.

Something is happening in this beautiful place. A form of cleansing, like standing under a warm shower, washing the emotional filth of three years down the drain. It’s a nice feeling.


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