Day One: Rustic.

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it was a bit rustic, to say the least.

I woke up this morning following a troubled night. After the clinical surroundings of the Premier Inn, my home last night was totally different. In an annexe to an old coaching inn, it was a bit rustic, to say the least. Having to use a real key, attached to a block of wood bearing the room number. The Heart of England Inn is situated in Weedon, just outside Northampton. Around two thirds of my journey to Portsmouth, it seemed an ideal spot to break it.

The source of heat was an electric space heater in the corner and the bathroom was freezing. The five hour, 232 mile journey was without incident but I was tired. Following a very average Cowboy Burger and an orange and passion fruit J2O, I decided to have a nap.

The alcohol I had consumed in the previous week still numbed my thoughts. They say there are traces of it in your hair follicles for ninety days, according to the Priory website, (don’t ask why I was on there).

The last week of January had been physically and emotionally draining. Realising my dream of being free of the past was harder than I thought. What particularly shocked me, was the love I was shown by my friends and family. That, combined with the relief of leaving that cursed flat, made me realise something.

Whitley Bay and, particularly, Newcastle, will always be my home. Whether I have an actual home to go to or not. I lost count of the number of offers for a place to stay when I return to fly to Paris with Joe!

So now, as I look out of the window of my room at the layer of frost on Shimamoto’s body, I contemplate what I’m doing. What comes back to me is the visit to the Toyota garage ten years ago.

We were taking Miriam’s Yaris in for service. As I walked through the showroom to the service desk, I passed a shiny new red GT86. It was love at first sight. I walked around her, open mouthed at her sheer aesthetic excellence. At that moment, I vowed one day to own my “Dream Car”.

It’s not the fastest and, as Kenzie keeps telling me, its actually the slowest car in Forza, but who cares? So, here I am now, the proud owner of that very same car, and little else.

The troubles of the night evaporated and I began to look forward to my short drive to Portsmouth. Tomorrow night a Premier Inn. That’s better!


  1. Kenneth Childs

    Looks like a country mansion. Safe travels Brian.

    • brian

      Appearances can be deceptive Ken. Thank you.


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