Don’t Stop Believin’

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The Old Mill: Vincent Van Gogh.

Yes, a four minute song that waits three minutes and twenty seconds to sing the title lyrics…

I say wait but it’s more than that. Like the Small Town Girl and the City Boy, in the Smokey Room. Waiting is so full of delightful anticipation.


“From today, it going to be totally different.” To which I replied.

“Life is too short.”

From my point of view, tomorrow, I will mend some bridges. Not broken by me but I’m the only one who can fix them. Perhaps my efforts will bring some comfort to those on the other side.

Meanwhile, in the song, it goes on and on and on.

Do me a favour, whoever you are. Play it next time you get in the car. Listen to the word “People” How to make a simple word sound like the end of the world. By the way, Plou, the prefix for many places in Brittany, is Breton for people.


Be prepared, good people, for a visit from yours truly before I go. And remember, life is too short. Imagine you’re the President of the second most hated country on the planet. The pilot of your helicopter says “it’s ok your Supremeness, I can have you back in Tehran before first prayers.” Even though you can’t see a hand in front of your face.

Do you pull rank and say, “Nah it’s ok son, we’ll have another lager in Departures and see what it looks like in the morning.”?

I bet he wish he’d done it now, as he picks up his massive shovel to stoke the fires of Hell.

“When do I get to meet the Virgins?” Wrong venue, your Supremeness…

Don’t Stop Believin’


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