Everybody Leaves Me:

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She was convinced that she would always end up alone hence the title of this piece a statement drawn from her during an intense discussion who is she? Let me introduce our subject a 28-year old highly intelligent extremely attractive female from the Middle East a Muslim by religion but firstly and Arab by culture and fiercely proud of both this however conflicts with open-minded attitude to other cultures and faiths the above conflict lead her into situations that would never be encountered by peers. Excuse the grammar… it’s pre Masters.

‘of course, he’s leaving, don’t they all do? I’ll never learn that lesson, if I did, I wouldn’t be here, with a stranger who looked really kind, don’t they all start as being the kindest in the world? Then they leave, like what happened every time before, of course he’ll leave, I don’t even have the right to ask him to stay, who am I to him but a stranger, yes, a stranger’ They had great and even magical things between them, starting from the bookshop, from the place they met, it doesn’t happen to everyone. They stood in the lift in total silence both looking down at their hands it was like they were strangers again. Will he just leave and stop the magic between them? Is it time he says goodbye? Then she thought, yes, nothing is actually that perfect. Nothing in life is complete and perfect like they are, if there is any, then it won’t last long anyway. She knows that and experienced that many times. Her heart kept going without questioning anything, her heart was so happy, felt a happiness she didn’t feel for a so long time. Now, her brain isn’t that happy, her brain says her heart will end up broken, will be left all alone, this is the beginning of leaving. Step one of ending everything.

There you go. From the ‘Horse’s Mouth.’ I rest my case.


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