Falling in Love Again, (Never Wanted To).

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“This time next year, you’ll win the hundred metres gold medal at the Olympic Games”

When I informed friends and family that I was moving to France, the most popular response I received was along the lines of.

“Ah, France! You’ll be finding yourself a beautiful French mademoiselle to fall in love with.”

To be honest, that was on a par with telling the Michelin man or one of those head-to-toe bandaged cartoon characters.

“This time next year, you’ll win the hundred metres gold medal at the Olympic Games.”

The subject could never have been further from my mind – or so I thought. This was meant to be a period of quiet contemplation, not another unintentional brush with romance.

It was very subtle at first, nothing too forward, just a coy reserve. However, I could already recognise the seeds of a budding mutual attraction. They’re not like their English equivalent, as I noticed on my strolls around Paris. There are layers of aesthetics which attract the eye giving one a warm glow. Not that I am being disrespectful to my own country. I just think history cannot lie. Or is it genetics?

Frankly, I was taken by surprise by how kind and caring she was, despite her eye-watering glamour. My past record wasn’t that good; falling victim to such hurdles as young love, death and cultural differences. I didn’t think there was anything left in the tank, coming to the last fence. I considered my home straight as being a long and lonely one.

Now, I seemed to have a companion who would keep me company on what I thought was going to be a long, hard slog; turning it into a pleasant trot in the park.

Every day, she showed me something different, new, surprising. Eventually, I began to notice the tiny subtleties that only intimate couples share; of which there were many, every one a gift.

Nevertheless, my guard was still up, my last liaison having ended particularly badly, being the reason why I was here, miles from home, in the first place. The experience had left me broken and empty. I tried to tell myself that this was different, she would never hurt me like that. Nevertheless, I was brought back to the words of the cuckoo.

“One step at a time.” she used to tell me, before taking several steps out of my life altogether. A good reason for not showing my hand too early to this exquisite creature. After all, it could be all show.

I decided not to rush things, but let events take their course. The problem was, every time I left her, it became more difficult. I would wake up in the morning and she would be the first thing on my mind. I couldn’t wait to see her and share the day with her. Circumstances would allow me to cool things down though. A visit to my roots and a trip halfway around the world would surely cool my ardour. That would remain to be seen. Until then, I had the pleasure of her company for another week. Her air of comforting permanence was becoming addictive. I dare not declare my feelings before leaving, but wait until my inevitable return to her welcoming arms. 

I’ll be honest, I’ve decided on the latter but I will share something with you. The three little words I used in the past disappeared like water down a drain. This time, they are real.

I love you Morlaix! 

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