Heading Back.

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Well, where did those three weeks go? It’s true what they say about time flying, I’ve enjoyed every minute. (minus the two days on the throne).

It’s strange how turning my life on its head has had such a transformative effect. From living a mundane, every-day-the- same life, looking forward to the few days in Paris; to the complete opposite. I’m looking forward to the next week or so, seeing all of my amazing friends and family just as much as I used to look forward to a week in the French capital!

The last twelve months, since losing Lina have been devastating. I got into a routine where every day was the same. Spending a fortune on chasing nightmares away with alcohol. Taking all my loved ones for granted. I needed a change. The trouble was, I couldn’t do it. Routine is like quicksand. At first it’s soft and warm and comforting. Then, eventually, it sucks you in to the point where you can’t escape. Unless that is, someone throws you a branch.

I can’t take credit for the actions that have got me into this wonderful place. I was thrown a branch, seven months ago. I will always be grateful to her for that. In a few hours, I’ll be landing at Newcastle. Not coming home. No, better than that. Going to see my friends and family whom I’ve missed so much. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. Try it. It’s true, for the people you REALLY love❤️.

Part three….in the words of the old antipodean pervert, “can ya see what it is yet?”


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