Home from Home:

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My home-from-home is the Travelodge at the Cobalt.

A while ago, I asked what home meant to you. Finally, I think I have the answer. Did you ever get that feeling, when on holiday? You come home and, within a few days, wish you were back there? You’re sitting at your desk, or behind the wheel thinking I could just have another beer or cocktail or just one more visit to that special place.

That’s how I’m feeling now. However, I am going back to that special place – home. My home-from-home is the Travelodge at the Cobalt. This shiny new building, amongst the call centres and office blocks is perfect. I can get the bus to Whitley Bay or Newcastle or walk fifteen minutes to my kids’ houses in West Allotment.

I have everything I need to see my friends and family, without the cloying, snotty draw of my past life. Not long now ‘till my holidays. Oh, no wait, they’re not me holidays – it’s home!

Part Six coming up…

The Metaphor: Part Six.


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