It’s Over!

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So, now I’ve ended it once and for all.

Yes, at last , it’s over. I finally have closure. She haunted me, chased me, caught me then turned on me in the most unpleasant way. So, now I’ve ended it once and for all.

To be honest , it was never going to last. We were so incompatible. Me the old Englishman from working class roots, fancying himself as a bit of a writer. Her, so beautiful and charming, fooling me with here sophistication and false words.

i remember how it began, how I used to admire her from afar. Then the several false starts, until our “Finally” moment, followed the many months of intimacy where we shared literally everything. Still, I didn’t realise I was being duped. Our last moments together were, however, somewhat uncomfortable, as I began to see the real her.

The final day was torment, the day I observed her true personality. She didn’t care for me. She, as usual, was just looking for attention. She craved it, she was addicted to it, and who would blame her, looking like that.

So, last night, I put it to bed once and for all. I summoned up all of my courage and uttered those two fateful words.

“Goodbye Paris,”

Here’s the final part of my story. A new one next week as I finally go “Home.”


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