L’ Esprit D’Escalier: Part Sixteen. Gaston.

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All this changed, nevertheless, when Gaston, at two years younger than his peers, attended the Sorbonne to study Fine Art.

Gaston Trebuchet wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth. There was a full canteen of cutlery in this boy’s cot. He was delivered into the elite of French society, the Nouveau Aristocracy of the twentieth century Fifth Republic.

His parents were powerful non-political entities, above the scraping and cowering of the Government. Their wealth and power did not depend on the fickle nature of the electorate. As a result, young Gaston wanted for nothing. He was given the best of everything. The future of French elite society was in the likes of his hands.

Pretty soon, however, Gaston’s inability to conform to this calling became evident. Cracks appeared in the mental capacity of this otherwise Adonis. What he possessed in physical form, for he truly was an image of male perfection, was a facade.

This curtain of masculinity and intellectual superiority, hid Gaston’s two main imperfections. I say imperfections in respect of the aspirations of his parents.

Gaston preferred men to women. The female body, in any form other that that which he had fashioned, left him cold. Which brings me on to the second aberration. The young man had a talent for producing art from any medium; from clay to granite. He was a compendium of creativity, whose talent was recognised immediately by those ‘in the know’ The circles in which he moved contained people who had money but didn’t know how to spend it. As a result, Gaston’s handiwork fetched premium prices, the moment they were complete.

As well as his physical talent, he possessed, as a result of his neurodivergence and sexuality, an allure. This only increased his currency as he flounced about society without a care for whom he offended. He was untouchable.


All this changed, nevertheless, when Gaston, at two years younger than his peers, attended the Sorbonne to study Fine Art. He was pulled into a quartet of people with which he would remain for the rest of his life. He became one side of a rectangle that never quite closed. The corners didn’t form into their solid right-angles for one reason- Love.

Gaston loved one of the foursome with all his heart. Unfortunately, this love was unrequited for, the object of his desire worshipped one of the other sides. As a result, Gaston became increasingly bitter towards his love. To the point where, at every opportunity, he would endeavour to humiliate the object of his desire.

Gaston’s biggest irritation was the attention of Marielle Deschamps, a fellow artist and third side of the rectangle, whom he avoided with the utmost skill. He had watched her throw her life away with the string of unsuitable partners, powerless to do anything about it. Gaston had many female friends who accepted his sexuality and to whom they could come with their stories of love and loss. The exception was Marielle. Her love for him would never allow her to acknowledge his sexuality and as a result, she was isolated from him.

In all of the years they spent together, Gaston, despite his ferocious self confidence, never once confessed his love for Lucien.

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  1. Kenneth Childs

    The plot thickens such imaginative,descriptive and compelling characters.


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