L’ Esprit D’Escalier: Part Twenty-four. Lucien’s Second Dream.

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As he did so, the door behind him opened, sending a shaft of light across the seething mass of bodies.

Over the following days Lucien’s murderous thoughts faded into the recesses of his mind as did the formerly perpetual apparition of Marielle. 

Both perceptions were replaced by the combined visions of the young African woman, her glowing features and her encient presence in his temporary home. Lucien felt as if he had been born again.

He was visited, as promised, by Patrice on several occasions. Each time, their conversation was mutual, stimulating and satisfying. He began to anticipate her appearance and dread her departure. What’s more, he saw the same feelings in his young companion’s face. This was reinforced by an event that had taken place following their latest encounter.


That night, he  retired and immediately fell into a deep sleep. His slumber took him back to the dream of the old schooner. Every vile sensation invaded his senses again. He called to be released with a croaking voice and aching hands. In an act of desperation he turned to the squirming mass behind him. There must be another exit to this hellhole, he thought.

Suddenly something long and sinew-like sprung towards him. The glistening protrusion, like a black mamber snake, had jaws that grabbed his ankle. His anal sphincter clenched in sheer terror as he waited for the strike. Instead, he felt a warm soft caress and looking down, could just make out a tiny hand. Attached to the hand was an arm, and to the arm a glimmering ball of ebony flesh. Lucien bent down to grasp the thin, twig-like wrist. As he did so, the door behind him opened, sending a shaft of light across the seething mass of bodies. Illuminated in the same beam, was a face. That of the captive. His blood froze in his veins and instinctively, he dragged the bundle with him through the opening. Lucien stumbled onto the deck and pulled the creature to him. The glare of the sun blinded him temporarily. As his eyes adjusted, they were met with a vision from another world. The waking world.




Lucien sat bolt upright in unfamiliar surroundings. He was bathed in sweat and his pyjamas clung to his clammy skin. A grey light from the alien shaped window suffused the featureless room. Clearer, was the image of Patrice in his floodlit mind, both in his arms on the boat and sitting demurely in his lounge. He switched on the bedside lamp, the fresh source of light burned his eyes. As the sweat cooled on his clothing, he shivered violently.

Lucien got up and padded to the bathroom. He removed his pyjamas and turned on the shower. Setting the temperature to as hot as he could stand, he stepped into the cubicle. The relief was instant and he stood under the burning arrows of water, motionless. He made no attempt to wash, he just leaned into the shower, placing his hands against the wall, either side of its source.

The resulting sensation was cleansing, refreshing, like his presence in this beautiful place. Lucien shut off the shower, stepped out and wrapped himself in the grey towelling dressing gown that hung on the back of the bathroom door. The feeling of the soft material against his tingling skin was magical. He lay on top of the bed and closed his eyes.

Surrounded by the warmth of the dressing gown, the ambience of the little gîte, and the welcoming Breton countryside, Lucien made a decision.


  1. Kenneth Childs

    The grand finale beckons.

    • Brian Forster

      Yes Ken, but which direction will he take?


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