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one of which was my favourite multi-tasking spot, Numero 10. We had a very tasty smash burger.

At this moment, Paris is the biggest building site in Europe. Why? Thank the International Olympic Committee. This city of extremes is undergoing a transformation not seen since the days of Napoleon; notwithstanding two world wars, both leading to occupation by a foreign power.

As we stood in the huge snaking queue at passport control “Non EU members and the UK”, my excitement increased. Gone was the drink-fuelled anxiety of my former home.

I was looking forward to showing Joe the sights and sounds of the real Paris. Five days to explore this amazing pastiche of human life. We queued again, with all of the expectant tourists, for his Navigo card. The key to Paris and its five different modes of public transport.

Having sampled four of the five modes, we found ourselves in Saint-Denis, think Scotswood, only bigger.

“It’s like being in a foreign country,” I said to Joe. His puzzled look made me realise what I’d just said and we laughed. Eventually, despite diversions and closures, due to the imminent arrival of athletes from around the world, we arrived at our hotel. Following a quick turnaround, we headed back out to Pigalle. The home of the Moulin Rouge and the sex shop capital of Europe. No, it’s not what you’re thinking, it just happens to be the craft beer district too. We tried out three establishments, one of which was my favourite multi-tasking spot, Numero 10. We had a very tasty smash burger.

On our way back to the Metro we couldn’t help but admire the enterprise of some of the sex shops. For me, my favourite was the pink silicone dildo, the shape of the Eiffel Tower – pure genius! Tomorrow will be a more conventional day with visits to some of the top tourist spots. Meanwhile, what’s our travelling writer up to?…


  1. Ken Childs

    Listening Radio 4 this morning said a cheese exhibition is on in Paris. Cheese toasties were a big hit just need to add a slice of Ham.

    • brian

      Croc Madame/Monsieur!

  2. brian

    Croc Madame/Monsieur!


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