My Island: Part Two.

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Once, when I still owned the family home in Freetown, my friend told me a story.

What is it like, living on your island? I hear you ask, and I will tell you. As I said, it is unpleasant but not the most unpleasant of my temporary homes. In fact, I would rank all of the places I have stayed in terms of unpleasantness. Th e most unpleasant being the detention camp in Tripoli and the least being in Coquelles, France. Yes, I came within fifty kilometres of the United Kingdom on that occasion, being the second of three attempts to flee my country.

Speaking of which, let me tell you about my country. Sierra Leone is the angry teenager of Africa. Surrounded by its siblings Liberia and Guinea. Forsaken by their parents, they continue to lash out in temper, but none more so than the youngster. Who are the parents? I hear you ask, and I will tell you. The International Community, that’s who. they conceived this baby of the African Continent, full of good intentions, to satisfy their guilt. Then they abandoned it to fend for itself.

Now it is a lawless place, populated by warring factions and mercenaries who are paid in the currency of the country’s natural resources. Stakes in diamond and mineral mines are their reward for gratuitous violence. Meanwhile, the parents continue to ignore the child and its siblings tolerate it. they provide camps for the fleeing population, where they live in conditions s no better than home. this is why anywhere is better than living there. Even a traffic island in a North African seaside town where everyone hates you. At least I still, have my limbs and dignity here. Arabs are angry but I understand them and many are very respectful.

Once, when I still owned the family home in Freetown, my friend told me a story. He said his cousin worked for a food delivery company in London. He owned his own electric bicycle and lived in an apartment with hot and cold water, a toilet and shower. He told me that his cousin works in a place called Hackney.


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