My Little Diamond:

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There is no story today. I am writing one at the moment, inspired by the subject about whom I’ll tell you today. I will publish it tomorrow.

Once I wrote a tale about Bandile, a South African diamond miner. He found a huge gem in the most unlikely of places. It was in a stairwell cut out of the rock in the mine.

This semi-autbiographical story described how he serupticiously planned to liberate the stone from the mine, using his cricket skills. On succeeding, he was then driven mad by both his desire for the gem and his inability to share it with people or to benefit from its massive value. He lost everything, his friends, his family and his health.

The diamond eventually took the ultimate toll on the miner.

This almost happened to me , however unlike Bandile, I gave the diamond back and escaped his fate…just.

What enabled me to avoid Bandile’s destiny, was history repeating itself. I, unlike Bandile, was given a second chance. A second diamond. This time for real.

I have decided, with great difficulty, but experience of my last encounter, to leave this beautiful jewel where it is, surrounded by its solid rock home. I visit it every day and admire it. However, I have no desire to remove it, nor to show it to the outside world.

It will never be separated from the surrounding strata, cut into an exquisite shape, and sold to the highest bidder.

I am happy with the status quo because this beautiful little gemstone saved me from Bandile’s initial torture and ultimate sacrifice.

To my little diamond, my Wish come true…


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