My Little Flower: Part Two.

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she said, before getting up and leaving.

Steve’s attention was drawn back to his notebook as the swarthy crowd threatened to envelop his beautiful siren. The last words stunned him. Had he written that? It was certainly his handwriting.

“She briefly turned and froze him with another stunning smile.”

Glancing up, he was indeed stunned as the young woman did exactly that. Quickly, he began to scribble.

“She stopped in her tracks as he returned her smile and waved.” The scene was re-enacted and he found himself waving at the stationary female. Somehow, this Angel had found her way onto his page. His mind raced. He blinked several times and shook his head. What next? Did he dare? Meanwhile, she was standing in the middle of the footpath, as if frozen in time. Her strange statuesque stance brought her even more attention than her exquisite presence. Men walked into each other, craning their necks to get one last glimpse of her. Women faded like flowers in the desert, turning monochrome against her pallet of fairness.

Steve continued writing.

“She turned her entire body and headed back towards him. The reprise of this heavenly creature was as spectacular as his first glimpse of her. Strolling up to his table, she stopped and opened her mouth to speak.”

Steve closed his eyes tight. He dared not open them for fear that the words had been realised.

“Good morning. I see you’re a writer. May I join you? I am also a writer, a published novelist actually.” The aural sensation was equally mesmerising. Her voice was like a combination of every pleasurable sound his ears had ever encountered. Her French was not native but had the guttural tones of North Africa.  He opened his eyes and her closeness made the hairs on his arms stand up. Everything about her was perfect. When God made this entity, he gave up on humanity. He took early retirement from the act of creation.

“Please do. What sort of novels do you write?” His pen was moving across the paper as if possessed. He couldn’t take any more. Her presence was agony. In seconds, he’d already overdosed on every aspect of her. Every sense was screaming”Stop! No more!”

“Forgive me. I have to go. I’ve just remembered an appointment. Will you be here tomorrow? I’d love to talk about books and stuff,” she said, before getting up and leaving. 

“… leaving.

He put down the pen and watched her disappear for the second time. Did that just happen? As if to confirm it, he read the words on the page and relieved every exquisite moment.

“Will you be here tomorrow?”

“You bet I will,” he said out loud, to the puzzled looks of his fellow customers.


  1. Ken Childs

    Beautifully descriptive in anþicipation.

    • Kenneth Childs

      Oops in anticipation.

      • brian

        Thanks Ken!


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