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My love affair with Paris was rekindled by my inherent procrastination. The only train I could catch home left at 6.38 am on Sunday, for Morlaix. I booked the Ibis at This meant I couldn’t stay at Charles Degaulle with Joe. Nevertheless we had a good evening 

As a result, spent an extra day in Paris, my Paris – Montparnasse. The upside was the propensity of bars and cafés, the downside, the story. That novel which had been jointly written by Lina and I. It’s ready to publish but I can’t bring myself to do so. Almost one-third of it was set in and around Montparnasse, with a crucial scene taking place above the huge railway station of the same name.

I showed Joe the beautiful tribute to the natural wonders of western France, the rain hiding my tears.

I’ve edited the chapter featuring this part of the capital. Perhaps one day, I’ll get around to publishing it. Those of you who know Nick and Jena will understand. Strangers to their story will come to love them as I do. At least one of us does. Enjoy…


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