Operation Overbeer:

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Resembling a cross between library and a launderette,

Yesterday turned out to be an interesting experience. The journey went like clockwork, well I had taken two hours to plan a forty-five minute bus journey.

As usual, someone’s granny had escaped the care home to drive the huge charabanc. An interesting word that, obviously French, is pronounced “sharabang” in English. The name charabanc comes from the French expression char à bancs, meaning ‘carriage with wooden benches’. I digress.

She hauled the huge vehicle with precision through the narrow streets of Morlaix with three minutes to spare. I caught the second bus, this time showing the septuagenarian driver my M-ticket. The reason being that, although most bus journeys are free, if you stray outside the free zone, there’s a flat €2.50 charge. My destination was just outside said zone, hence the M-ticket. Actually 95% of my journey was free, making the last couple of kilometres expensive.

Nevertheless, I was happy to pay as my journey had been a success. Pity I can’t say the same about my day. French bars are, overall, disappointing. Resembling a cross between library and a launderette, where most people drink tiny cups of coffee and the beer drinkers look decidedly seedy. Monitors flash everywhere advertising everything from your horoscope to the odds on the next weird horse race.

Speaking of which, the participants don’t run, they trot. Don’t ask me the difference, I couldn’t tell you. It’s a bit like the equine equivalent to watching those walking races you only ever see at the Olympics – very unnatural!

As for the beer, it was decent enough, although their idea of 0.25 litres varied greatly. Unfortunately, the only bar to be shut was the one I’d visited the day before and seen the Picon beer. The reason? Beats me. There must be a Z in the month.

My journey home was uneventful but nevertheless as planned, which was good in itself. From now on, I’ll take Shimamoto and forgo the beer. Liver breathes a sigh of relief.

Part two of the fishy tale…


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