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When you get her home, she’s all you imagined and more

Creativity is underestimated in some people. While others are destined to appreciate their creations, they pursue perfection.

Last night , I tasted perfection, in a plastic takeaway container. Just like the girl of your dreams, dressed up to the nines to tease the life out of you, only to find, when you get her home, she’s all you imagined and more.

My last night in Blighty was, in an alcoholic fugg, an evening of special moments. From the antipodean charmer and his ten motorcycles, to my best friends ever who happened to live in the same house but didn’t notice it!

The former and latter , having only just met, ended the evening like they’d known each other all their lives.

As for the Ad-hoc Turkish Delight that suddenly appeared from nowhere, I haven’t a clue! All I could do was put on my own creative cap and come up with this. My inspiration was drawn from the most beautiful creature one could ever lay eyes on.

In another world, I definitely would.

Here… it’s not The Life Of Brian (H) – Pork Belly, Roasted Beetroot Squares, Black Pudding, Wilted Cavalo Nero, Celeriac, White Turnip Flakes, Spiced Apple Cider, Thyme & Sage Jus#forzacucina #cookingwithcasuals #disasterchef #food @scatterbrianblogger, but it’s my tribute to it…


  1. Kenneth Childs

    Safe travels Brian.

    • brian

      Thanks Ken.


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