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I haven’t accompanied recent stories with a blog and for good reason. Even though I am still having amazing experiences, I didn’t want to share them. I feel sometimes it hurts me and other people.

As well as being a beautiful place with incredible people who speak with this strange accent, Brittany has become my refuge. Here, I feel safe. Protected from the memories, thoughts and feelings of the past. I know now that I can not return to the place I was born. It was broken for me.

While certain people can go back to their lives as if nothing ever happened, smiling on Social Media with their ‘perfect life’, I can’t do that. That’s why this place is my haven. Every day I am thankful for what it has given me and what it has replaced.

Being separated from the ones l love is tough, but living amongst them, where we had created so many memories which we shared with them, is tougher.

As one of my best friends recently said, “…you are the winner of the Star Prize…and you will be the winner in all other aspects too, eventually. xx”

I’m safe.

Here’s Part Five…


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