Sesame Seed: Chapter Eight.

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Tony hated shopping, which was a paradox, as he only bought the essentials when he frequented a supermarket with his strict shopping list. No diversions. This meant that he visited virtually every day which rather defeated the object. He’d never attempted a ‘big shop’ since Marie bossed him around Sainsbury’s, two weeks before her suicide. A fortnight before she’d finally given up on this world.

The giant, clinical store was populated with people of leisure at this time of the day. Those with things to do and places to go patronised the place with their expensive SUVs and model children at another time. His shop was a perfectly choreographed dance that ignored the expensive marketing layout of the place. Consequently, he dashed around the hall like a demented greyhound on the beach. ‘Method to my madness, Tony,’ he thought as he picked up the last item, a loaf of bread in the vast interior that was the bakery section.

Popping it in his basket, he looked up to see his nemesis waddling towards him like a Russian weightlifter approaching the barbells.

“Well, well, well. Look who it is. The mental wife-killer. Where’s your minder?” Robert attempted to barge into him in the empty pet aisle but Tony raised his basket just in time. The corner caught the big fella square in the crotch and he staggered, his own momentum taking him into the bags of dry dog food. In an instant, Tony was gone as a septuagenarian Sainsbury’s colleague tried to help Robert. The man, full of corporate good intentions, succeeded in falling on top of Tony’s brother-in-law, giving the escapee breathing space. Tony made a quick exit and placed the shopping in the boot of his BRZ.

He reversed out of the space but was blocked by a woman in a Honda Jazz who was crouched over her steering wheel looking for a disabled spot. He put his hand on the horn which only succeeded in confusing her. She stopped dead and looked from side to side like a battery hen at feeding time. The door of the Subaru opened and a thick arm grabbed Tony by the shirt.

“Not so fast, killer. I have some unfinished business with you.” Robert’s face was scarlet with anger and bollock pain. With no seatbelt to hold him, Tony was on the tarmac with the big fella pinning him down.

“Is this helping you Rob? If it is, punch my lights out and put an end to it.” Tony wheezed. He let out an involuntary laugh as the thought of pink jelly entered his head. How he wished Alan was here now.

“Laugh, eh? Do you think it’s funny that my sister is a pile of white dust on Collywell Bay beach?” Rob lifted his hand to punch Tony but as the hammer blow fell, the other man twisted violently and Rob’s fist hit the bitumen, “aaaggghhh, you twat!”. Rob curled up like whelk in a shell and Tony took advantage. Not to run but to turn the tables on the big man.

“Listen, you arsehole.” He grabbed Rob between the legs and squeezed gently, “Give me a couple of minutes of your time, then I’ll gladly let you finish the job.” Rob struggled and Tony squeezed. Rob froze and Tony pushed his face into Rob’s ear. “Ready?”

“Aye, aye, aye. Whatever, you dirty bastard. Five minutes then you’re history,” Rob groaned through gritted teeth.

Both men staggered to their feet against the blue sports car. Meanwhile, the lady in the Honda did a wheelspin into the side of a Sainsbury’s delivery van. Amongst the chaos, Tony and Rob got into the Subaru and Tony eased it back into its space.

“Right, let’s get something straight. I did not kill your sister,” Tony said.

“As good as – “

“Five minutes, remember?” Tony asserted his terms to the big man who was squashed into the passenger seat holding his crown jewels gingerly. “I have something to tell you. Something Marie told me.”


“Shut the fuck up and listen! She told me what he did. To you and her.” Tony’s heart was pounding at the recollection of her words and the thought of sharing them with her blood. The young boy she had protected with her own body for years. “I can tell you times, places, and details but I’ll spare you because you’ve blanked them out.” He heaved a sigh and waited. Silence.

The chaos outside was the opposite of the silence in the BRZ. Like watching the TV on mute, both men stared at the events as if it was a daydream. Robert leaned forward, hands still in his lap. His giant shoulders began to heave. The car shook with his sobs. Tony shifted into reverse and slowly backed through the crowd that surrounded the Honda.

“Where’s your car? Is Debbie here?” Tony pulled on his seatbelt, glancing around the half-empty car park. Silence.

He caught sight of the white Range Rover by the petrol station and weaved through the obstacle course of cars. He pulled up next to the 4×4 just as Rob’s wife was stacking the boot with her overflowing trolly. Secretly, he was envious of her retail staying power, “we’re here mate. Go and help Debbie. Looks like she’s bought the entire shop.

Chapter Nine

Tony looked out of the bay window and checked his watch again. Three fifty-eight, two minutes since the last time he looked. Seconds later, Alan’s red Porsche Cayman cruised up…


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