The Apple and the Worm: (or the little green monster)

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The same day, along comes a young housewife with one thing on her mind, apple crumble.

There once was an apple. A big, shiny green one, hanging by its stalk from the tree. The gentle hands of the picker places it carefully into the basket. What a beautiful apple that is, standing out from its fellow fruits in the basket, making them look small and dull.

Then along comes a fly and lays one sticky egg on the glossy skin of the apple. As the fruit travels to the market, the egg begins to develop. It’s still outside and no harm has come to the gorgeous green apple. Just before the greengrocer places the superior specimen on his stall, with pride of place on top of the others, a tiny worm hatches out of the egg. After gorging on the remains of its home, the voracious grub feels around for more food. Eventually it has no choice but to look down at the shiny floor of its former home. Quickly, it punches a hole in the delicate skin to find – heaven! A sweet juicy treat lies below and the worm begins to eat its way into the soft flesh of the fruit. As it does so, the skin closes, leaving no trace of the tiny parasite.

The same day, along comes a young housewife with one thing on her mind, apple crumble. The pretty fruit almost jumps into her hand and she places it carefully in a brown paper bag with three of its plain colleagues. As she walks home, with a spring in her step at the thought of her husband’s delight, the little caterpillar makes its way to the centre of its new abode, devouring the flesh as it goes. Its size doubles every few hours, until it occupies the space where the seeds once nestled, the very meaning for the apple’s existence; the small brown pips having been devoured by the fat parasite.

At this point, outwardly, the apple still outshines its peers as the rot is deep inside where no one can see. It’s only when the young woman slices into the firm round apple that all is actually revealed. The ugly plump creature falls out onto the chopping board in a pile of brown rotting flesh, revealing what was hidden beneath the beautiful exterior of the apple.


Like the worm, she allowed the thought to enter her brain, the apple. Tiny though it was, her soft fleshy imagination fed the notion until it filled her head, driving out other thoughts. Soon, all that was left of her beautiful brain was the outside, the rest having been consumed by jealousy over my friend.

All hopes and dreams had disappeared with the birth of the worm. Just as all of our hopes and dreams were consumed by her fruitless jealousy.

The grower’s hope of producing the perfect apple.

The grocer’s dream of selling the perfect specimen.

The housewife’s longing to bake the perfect crumble.

All gone with the appearance of the little green monster.


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