The Diamond: Conclusion.

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Bandile never played cricket again but

DeBeers Building, Johannesburg.

Solomon Mbele stared at the monitor, his pride still stinging from his humiliation at  the bitch’s hand. The image moved back and forth on the screen at different speeds. She definitely put something into  the bag, not the reverse as she’d maintained.

However she did visit the toilet. That was it, the toilet! Why would she take a tampon out then take her bag also? He winced at the word, even unsaid, it was filthy. Solomon got up and smiled at the rotund little specimen behind the desk, shuddering at her sickly reciprocation.

“I need to check on something, Anna. No one is to use the ladies until I say so.” he muttered over his shoulder, entering the restroom. He was both relieved and disappointed that it was empty. Looking around the unfamiliar space, he racked his brains trying to anticipate the young woman’s actions. Then something struck him. He’d recently watched a movie where a drug dealer had hidden his stash. Systematically, he entered each cubicle and removed the top from each cistern. On the third attempt he received his reward.

Snuggled in the corner of the reservoir, lay a yellow ball of rag half submerged in water. Solomon removed the object and peeled off its covering. The item he beheld ripped the feeling from his legs and he collapsed onto the toilet seat. Rotating it through his hands, he began to shake uncontrollably. His eyes observed a rough piece of stone with its unique tiny attribute but his head was full of cars, women and parties. He stifled an attack of hysterics with the damp cloth. Wringing out the rag, he recovered the rock and pushed into his tunic.

“I have to go out, call HR and arrange for cover. I have a family emergency,” he clipped at the girl behind the desk. Then, without hesitation, he dashed out of the building.

“In the phonebox, he dialled several numbers, each time trying to persuade the recipient of the genuine nature of his call. Finally, one of his friends gave him a number, probably to get rid of him as much as anything. He called.

“How did you get this number?” the voice snapped.

“My friend said you may be able to help.” Solomon went on to describe fully the day’s events, including the man’s attempted suicide and Leone’s actions. “I have it here with me now,” he declared.

“Give me your address and go there. Do not leave and do not talk to anyone,” the recipient replied, his voice slightly less aggressive. The images of luxury and excess returned to Solomon’s thoughts. He hurried the few blocks to his apartment, shut himself in and waited. The yellow ball lay on the kitchen table, he dared not to touch it.

There was a gentle knock on the door, almost apologetic. Solomon’s heart jumped, adrenaline tingled under his tongue. He got up and opened the door. Two masked men bust past him, shoving him to the ground. He felt a hand on his throat then something warm and wet on his chest. That was the last sensation the man experienced.


Leone staggered from the scruffy block into the street, gasping for air. She steadied herself against a lamp post, desperately trying to avoid a repeat of the hallway incident. Her head was spinning and her mouth was a disgusting mixture of vomit and saliva as she swallowed the urge to gag. Composing herself, he hailed a taxi and slumped into the back seat.

“Netcare Millpark please,” she said to the driver then settled back into the seat. She tried to block out recent events while assessing their implications. The diamond had gone, that was the only certainty apert from the death of the guard. Leone shuddered at the last thought. Pushing it from her mind, she returned to the matter in hand. Her quick analytical brain kicked in. There were several items to address. First she needed to tell Bandile that he was free. They both were in a strange way, she contemplated. Secondly, she knew something as big as that gem would have a massive effect on the markets, especially if it was split. Several hundred top quality stones released onto the market could topple the price and hence the shares in companies such as her father’s.

Leone slid the privacy glass along, isolating herself from the driver. She made three calls, one to her father, one to her broker and the final one to Rebecca. She knew her cousin had shares and was going to be married soon. Leone’s plan could set them all up, if carried out correctly.

Netcare Millpark Hospital, Johannesburg

The taxi pulled up outside the hospital and she paid the driver. His huge grin at the sight of the tip lit up the cab. She made her way to the ITU ward and entered just as Bandile was stirring.

“It’s done. She’s gone,” Leone whispered to the patient as his eyes moved beneath his eyelids.

“So soon?” The man replied. He seemed to know immediately what she was talking about. She placed her hand on his.

“Bandile,” she breathed and he opened his eyes.

“I know, I saw it in my dreams,” his words stunned her and she turned away. She felt his hand on her chin and his lips on hers. There was no resistance from her.


The diamond market was stunned at the influx of high quality gems from an unknown source.

The headline read.

Shares in the main diamond houses plummeted to less than ten percent of their previous value, before recovering.

In a split second, Leone, Rolf and Rebecca VanKirk had multiplied their investment nine-fold. Bandile never played cricket again but opened a training camp for young players with his newly acquired windfall. He and his beautiful young wife were the model couple for a new and emerging South Africa, who will co-host the Cricket World Cup in 2027. Hopes are high.


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