The Diamond: Part Nine. Bandile’s Dream.

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the diamond disappears, the emeralds that are her own eyes, replacing it.

Bandile’s sleep is no longer the dark shapeless form of the previous two weeks. It is accompanied by images for the first time. Initially, they are fragmented, disjointed and unrelated.

This remains for several episodes until a visit from his beautiful hybrid. Following her first brief appearance, she begins to dominate his reverie, from cameo role to star. Her presence imposes itself with every passing slumber.

The stories surpass any fantasy the man’s limited imagination can ever create. His subconscious merges the diamond and its human guise, placing it against the features of his exquisite benefactor. Together they become one and the same siren of his own private movie. She has a voice and personality of her own, having previously been an amorphous mix of his male desire.

“Do you love me?” She asks, her eyes matching the sparkle of the forbidden gem.

“You know I do,” he hears himself say with all of the honesty in his heart.

“Then why did you ignore me? Kept me prisoner in that dark place under the bath?” She counters, her features those of the heiress in the magazine.

“You know that too. We can never be together. It would mean the end for you and I would rather die than see that.” Bandile is delving deep into his psyche, while she flickers in front of him like a candle. “You are both taboo, for reasons too numerous to mention.”

“Both? You gave me to HER! How could you? You know how much I detest her and all she stands for.” The gem speaks through the lips of her nemesis.

“How dare you. How can you judge her? Look at yourself before you do so.” He hisses at the effigy. Her features soften to those of the visitor.

“She will be gone soon. Forever. Never to return. There will be no taboos to keep us apart.” Leone whispers. It is like conversing with two different people. With those words, the sparkle of the diamond disappears, the emeralds that are her own eyes, replacing it.


“It’s done. She’s gone,” the temptress continued.

“So soon?” Bandile murmured through his torpor.

“Bandile.” She touched his hand; it was real. He opened his eyes to the two viridescent gems.

“I know. I saw it in my dreams,” he confessed. Her expression flowed from the height of desperation to the valley of recognition.

“Of course you do.” The young woman was aware of the tang of vomit on her breath and turned her face away. Bandile gently took her chin between his thumb and forefinger. He pulled her face towards his. Their lips and the legacy of billions of years of history fused in a few drops of saliva.


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    I’m lost now.

    • brian

      Hopefully today will make it clearer Ken.


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