The Diamond: Part Seven.

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“What do you want, Immi?” He cuts to the chase and is presented with his reward.

Bandile, are you here?” The voice is sharp and familiar, slicing through his waking moment.

‘I’m here. Where else would I be?’  He immediately opens his eyes and is disappointed.

“Iminathi. It’s you,” he whispers between his desiccated lips. It’s his turn for the Captain Obvious impression.

“Good, you’re awake at last. Do you know how long I’ve waited?” Her tone and expression are not typical of his wife.

“I’m sorry my love. How long has it been?” He can’t look at her, let alone listen to her voice.

“Almost three weeks. The children are beside themselves. Mpho has been like a father to them.” There it is! Bandile knows it wasn’t his wife’s voice emanating from this woman. His friend had his gammy leg under Bandile’s kitchen table.

“What do you want, Immi?” He cuts to the chase and is presented with his reward.

“A divorce. There, I’ve said it. How could you even consider ending your life and leaving us? I can’t forgive you for…” Her voice fades as Bandile summons up his Muse. The paradoxical icon that is Leone and the diamond appear. He nods at his ghostly siren, which is mistaken for agreement by his soon-to-be-ex wife.

“Good, that’s settled then. You’ll be hearing from our lawyer in due course.” His old friend replies through the lips of his wife. Bandile’s grin broadens, which is returned, with interest, by the Muse in his head.

“So, that’s your opinion of fourteen years of marriage? Goodbye Bandile.” He doesn’t even notice her leaving the room.


Leone VanKirk left her father in a state of flux, not for the first time The discussion about the existence of a diamond bigger than the Cullinan and its implications on the market were puzzling. She decided not to show her hand yet, but let the dust settle. Several days later, she was shocked to learn that her visitor had survived his collision with the bus. Apparently, he was on the cusp of life and death in the municipal hospital.

Leone arranged for the man to be moved to the Netcare Milpark Hospital, the best in Joburg and signed a blank cheque for his continuing care. Besides, she thought, how many designer dresses could a girl own? She plucked up the courage to visit him two weeks later. Even in his broken state, and with the dust removed, he made her heart race.

The same day, she returned to work determined to act on her gift from this mysterious man. Leone entered the reception to her colleague nodding in time to something on her earPods, obviously lost in some vile pop song. She glanced across at Solomon’s post, which was empty.

“Anna!” She shouted at the bouncing young woman.

“Leone. Good morning,” the girl replied, making a point of looking at her watch. “Have you heard about Solomon?” Her comment was a distraction and Leone wasn’t convinced. Nevertheless, she replied.

“Solomon? No, what happened?” She asked, secretly hoping he’d gone the way of the handsome man in the hospital bed.

“He’s resigned. No warning, just brought his uniform in and said goodbye.” There was a tinge of regret in her voice. Her last word pierced Leone’s brain like a falling icicle.

“Resigned? Did he give a reason? Another job, perhaps.” The man’s actions were a mystery to her. She walked over to his workstation and turned on the monitor. Scrolling through the footage, she eventually located his last movements, These, to her horror, involved a visit to the ladie’s toilet.

“Excuse me Anna. I must pay a visit.” Leone rushed to the restroom and dived into the cubicle. She stood in front of the cistern, staring at the shiny, ceramic lid. Taking it in both hands, she pulled it free from the wall – ballcock, mechanism, water – that was it, nothing else.


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