The Diamond: Part Six.

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“…I wonder if you would care to look at the CCTV footage.”

Leone Van Kirk placed the bundle into the cistern of the toilet. Something was troubling her. She needed to speak to her father, but without the diamond. Besides, she didn’t trust Solomon, the security guard. He had a habit of trying to catch her out, and a soft spot for her idle colleague. She knew he was suspicious about the visitor, but not to what extent.

She topped up her lipstick and ran a brush through her strawberry blond hair. It was enough, minimum maintenance to a beautiful machine; even she admitted that. Leone’s parents had not only blessed her with incredible wealth, they had created , with their union, something riches could not buy. She winked at the beauty in the mirror, and left the restroom.

“Solomon wants a word with you,” Anna said to the young woman, as she returned to her station. A smug look adorned Anna’s chubby features and she grinned at the guard.

“He does? Then perhaps he’d like to tell me himself,” Leone replied, but glared at the man in the corner of reception. He looked away awkwardly, pretending to deal with some paperwork. She marched over to him and stood by his desk, silent, arms folded. Solomon looked up, feigning surprise.

“Ah, Miss VanKirk. I wonder if you would care to look at the CCTV footage.” His expression mimicked Anna’s and Leone felt panic rise in her throat. The tinny taste of adrenaline flooded her mouth in a metallic rush.

“Of course, how can I help you?” She tried to retain a superior composure in her voice, at the same time, dreading the contents of the recording.

“As you can see, it has caught our unfortunate visitor before he decided to leave this world,” Solomon declared, with his own air of superiority.

“Yes, I would expect that of you. After all that’s what we pay you for.” She immediately regretted the use of “we” and continued, hoping he hadn’t noticed; although the slight wince in his expression contradicted that. “As I said, how can I be of assistance in this matter? I will add, again, that he asked me about bus times.” Leone was becoming agitated. Despite that, her earlier actions gave her some comfort. The diamond was out of reach for the time being. She had been right about the guard.

“It’s not conclusive, but it seems that he left something in your possession. Unfortunately, I cannot make it out for the plant on your desk.” A frown creased his large brown forehead . Never before had she been so thankful for Yohan Cruyff. Her rubber plant, named after the Dutch soccer ace, was the love of her life. He was worth ten men and had probably just proved it.

“Nevertheless Miss VanKirk.” The man’s emphasis on her title and name, was infuriatingly obvious. “As you can see in the next clip, you seem to be putting something in your handbag.” He slapped both hands on the tiny desk in triumph, causing the monitor to jump. His resulting grin was the kind which made her want to punch it from his face.

“I was indeed looking in my bag, as I recall. However, I was taking something out, not putting it in.” She prayed that Yohan had done his job again.

“What would that be, precisely?” Solomon demanded like a cross examining lawyer.This confirmed that the action was also obscured by the plant.

“You really want me to tell you?” Leone was ready to pay her trump card. “Better still, let me show you.” She returned to her desk and fished in the bag. She could hardly stifle her giggles when she placed her hand on the small familiar item. Clasping it in her fist, she strolled back to the guard. The look of horror on his face was a sight to behold as she unfurled her fingers to reveal the small white cylinder, covered in clear plastic. He almost fell back in his chair in order to avoid the tiny pice of feminine hygiene.

“That won’t be necessary ma’am,” the man stammered. Not content with her trick, she retrieved her bag and thrust it under Solomon’s nose. He acted like she’d just handed him a dead rodent. “Please forgive me for my incompetence,” he pleaded, backing further against the wall.

“Perhaps, but I doubt whether my father will.” she countered. She had no intention of dropping the man in it but it didn’t hurt to make him squirm. The final nail in the coffin came when she picked up the phone and dialled. “Papa? Are you free at the moment? I have an urgent matter to discuss with you.” Leone turned to Solomon and reprised his original grin, firing it back at him like a boomerang. “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have an appointment with the Managing Director.” Touché.

The lift took her to the top floor of the building after she’d entered a numerical code into the keypad. The doors opened directly into one huge office which occupied the full floor. As well as the usual items one would find in an office, albeit top end luxury, the room was studded with glass cases. Contained in each cabinet, sat diamonds of all shapes, sizes and colours, held in a variety of settings. At the far end of the room, behind a desk the size of a small car, sat Rolf VanKirk.

His handsome, angular features broke into a smile, melting the heart of his daughter. She adored and worshipped this man.

“Lulu, what brings you to the top floor? Have you decided to take up my offer?” The use of her pet name and his umpteenth offer to fast track her to the board caused mild annoyance in the young woman.

“No, Papa. However I do want to talk about diamonds. In fact, the biggest diamond ever discovered,” she countered, sitting on the corner of the desk.

“Ah, yes. The Cullinan. I remember it well. What a day that was.” Rolfs features melted into a gaze of nostalgia.

“No, Papa, I mean THE biggest.” The excitement was almost too much causing her heart to rise into her throat.


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