The Motorcycle and the Wedding: Ice Cold in Alex.

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Worth waiting for…

David’s head was toasting nicely in the desert sun. Why this film? He though, as they drove north.

A beautiful country, a beautiful woman. What more could he ask for? On the face of it, he’d entered the real world. He knew he should have stayed in the other one, their world. Where nobody could be hurt.

The tarmac drummed by under their feet and the air became more fresh. The pull of the Mediterranean was relentless. He’d always longed to visit Alex. She was his heroine, that tall, frosted glass with the Carlsberg logo and John Mills’ finger tracing a line. It was of another time, another place. Worth waiting for…

Her physical closeness disturbed him. Unlike her intellectual proximity. In the latter, they could do anything, go anywhere. The former was restricted to this cloying, sweaty presence, longing for the ocean. He began to regret the decision to cross over, when she tapped him on the shoulder.

‘Nia pointed to the right. Suddenly, they’d entered a fantasy land. Green replaced beige, beautiful architecture replaced the monotonous desert.

“El Sadat!” She shouted, as clear as a bell ringing. David slowed and pulled in at the next exit, a true oasis in the dusty landscape. It was as if they’d been transported to another world still.


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