The Motorcycle and the Wedding:

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However, I can imagine riding in a warm country would be great.

David pulled up outside the familiar apartment block on the outskirts of Ma’adi. It was identical to its Streetview image – why wouldn’t it be? He heaved the giant bike onto it’s full stand and dismounted. He ached from head to toe and the sweat poured into his eyes.

However, I can imagine riding in a warm country would be great.

What on earth was he thinking? He recalled the conversation that had conceived this trip, which was already in its seventh day.


“Have you ever driven a motorcycle?”


“Was it good?”

“Not really. I didn’t like it. Plus, I crashed the last one.”

“Last one? Wait. What? Crashed?”

“I crashed into a wall and broke my knee.”

“Oh my God!”

“It was OK. The girls loved it when I had my plaster on.”

“I see. So why didn’t you like it?”

“The main reason was because it is so cold in this country.”


“Of course. You know it is. White people cold. However, I can imagine riding in a warm country would be great.

“Yes, I agree.”


It was so hot, so oppressive. He questioned his motive for being there. Then, she appeared at the entrance to the block. Dressed exactly as he’d instructed her. So, began their first actual dialogue.


“Yes, you?”

“As I’ll ever be.”

“Let’s go then.”

He handed her the helmet, the size of which he’d guessed, two weeks before. He shoved her small bag into the empty pannier and clipped it shut. She straddled the bike, slipping the crashy over her head. It fitted perfectly,like an old friend. Her raven hair was pulled back in a tight ponytail.

“Well?” She wrapped her arms around his waist, their first bodily contact. He felt her thighs against his as he fired up the Yamaha’s CP3 Triple. He didn’t know which was more sensual.

Performing a U-turn in the wide street, he headed north, to where he’d agreed to take her. He reminisced as he relished her close contact and the drone of the Tracer 9 GT+.


“Every time you got on your bike here, you were frozen solid!”

“That’s terrible. I thought it’d be romantic”

“It wasn’t romantic at all. I got more attention for my plaster than my motorbike. What about you?”

“I’ve never been on a motorcycle.”

“I see. I’ll come to Egypt and kidnap you, on a motorcycle. I promise I won’t crash.”

“Woohooo! Where will you take me?”



So, north they headed, towards the Mediterranean coast. She tapped him on the shoulder and he leaned back.

“Are you really kidnapping me?” She shouted through the visor.

David nodded vigorously, then leaned forward, gunning the bike along the dusty road. The Pyramids rose in the distance as they passed the turn for Giza and she caught his attention again. He repeated his action, anticipating the next comment. However, he wasn’t prepared for it.

“Will we be back for my wedding? Will you come?” He almost froze at her words and narrowly avoided running into the back of a petrol tanker ahead. Wedding?

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