The Priory.

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“Is this a castle?” Lina asked.

“No,” Brian replied.

“It Looks like a Castle.”

“Well, it’s not.”

“Why does it look like one then?”

“That bit was probably added later.”


“The castle bit.”

“You just said it wasn’t a castle.”

“It’s not.”

“So why is there a castle bit?”

“It’s called a fortification. It was probably added after the priory was demolished.”


“Yes, knocked down.”

“I know demolished man!. Why?”

“The King wanted it.”

“Which King was that?”

“Henry the Eighth. You know of him, right?”

“No, who was he?”

“The King.”

“OK smartass, I know that.”

“Sorry. It was like this. When he became King, he said he was next to God. Defender of the Faith, they called him.”

“Like a prophet?”

“Sort of. More like God’s representative on Earth. A sort of point of contact.”

“So, a prophet then.”

“Now who’s the smartass?”

“Sorry. Interesting.”

“He also had six wives.”

“Really? I thought you Christians could have only one wife.”

“Correct. One at a time. He kept changing them.”

“So, not all at once? How did he do that?”

“Usually by beheading them or divorcing them. He invented divorce.”

“What? Really? That sounds a bit extreme. Couldn’t he just keep them all? It would have been less cruel. I thought you were a civilized country!”

” I guess we weren’t so civilized then. Anyway, back to the Priory.”

“No, please. Tell me about the wives.”

“Basically, he was a tosspot but he was also the King so everybody obeyed him.”

“He certainly sounds like a tosspot.”

“Can we talk about the Priory?”

“You’re embarrassed about your king, right?”

“No! Well…erm, yes. I suppose so.”

“So, tell me about the Priory then.”


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