The Toy Shop: Part Five.

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…the other one was in the collection of King Hussein of Jordan…

It took Alan several hours to sort through the remaining parcels as some of the items required assembly. For example, the 1960s replica of the Austin Healey Sprite convertible came in several parts. The provenance said that this quarter scale model was one of two made by apprentices at the factory; the other one was in the collection of King Hussein of Jordan. Alan was shaking with the adrenaline flooding through his veins. It had been akin to winning the National Lottery, every time he’d opened a parcel.

During this time, his yearning for the bizarre female apparition intensified. Alan hadn’t felt like this since he was a love-struck teenager over four decades earlier. Just as his craving was becoming unbearable, despite the riches before him, she made an appearance.

He had finished serving a young man who wanted to exchange his almost new PlayStation Five for an immaculate, boxed Nintendo Entertainment System. When Alan returned from escorting the young man out of the shop, the glow reappeared. He dashed to the small room to see the siren in her usual pose, hair covering her visage, which he imagined to be exquisite.

“Well done Mr Alan, you have amassed a truly magnificent collection,” the voice pronounced from its usual mysterious source. Alan’s head spun at the sight and sound. He resembled a junky with a long overdue fix.

“It’s not my collection, Miss. I really don’t know what they’re doing here. They are worth a small fortune. I can’t possibly hang onto them,” Alan replied, gazing around the room for something to address, then finally fixing on the beautiful figure in front of him.

“On the contrary, they are all yours and well deserved, should I say will be , when they are united with their unfortunate recipients.” Her words were a riddle to the shopkeeper.

“Unfortunate recipients? I don’t understand.” Alan confirmed his confusion at the perceived contradiction in terms.

“It’s like this Mr Alan. As I said earlier, there are individuals in this town who need to be eliminated. Their greed will be the cause of that eradication and you will be the catalyst. All you have to do is get them here and I will do the rest. For this you will keep the proceeds of sale.” This statement, although making more sense, sent a shiver through his bowels, causing his sphincter to squeeze tightly.

The muse continued as Alan fell into a kind of trance. The only sense remaining active was the aural one.

“This is what you have to do. Every week, for seven weeks, you will place one of the items in a certain position in the shop window. It will remain there for seven days, by which time it will have raised considerable interest. You will then remove the artifact and replace it with the next. Each time there will be an approach and the next step will be my responsibility.

Alan’s senses returned enough for him to question the girl’s mathematics. Seven? Surely there were only six items on the shop floor. All of a sudden a feeling of dread crept through the old man’s body like a vicious virus.

“Yes Mr Alan, the seventh is me,” she uttered, blind panic raging on the tail of the dread the speed of a wildfire. The siren raised her hand and pointed at the old sailor. The fire was doused and a sensation of euphoria, never before experienced, flooded through him.


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