The Train:

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The boy pressed the on button of the remote and the small TV on the wall of his bedroom flashed into life. From the menu, he selected the BBC News Channel.

The image on the screen showed an aerial shot of the exact spot he’d stood 24 hours earlier, probably taken from a drone, he thought. Straddling the tracks of the East Coast mainline, stood a small white tent like a child’s wendy house.

As the shot panned out, he could make out three police  cars at the side of the nearby road, their numbers clearly visible on the roofs. One other vehicle, a black anonymous rectangle, accompanied them. Several figures, dressed in white, moved between the road and the tent, via a well-worn track through the adjacent wheat field. The farmer’s not going to be too happy about that, he pondered.

A red banner below the image read, BREAKING: Gruesome find on the East Coast mainline in Northumberland.

Below that scrolled smaller letters. He waited for the beginning of the sentence then began to read. 

What seems like human remains have been discovered this morning between Pegswood and Morpeth in Northumberland.

The aerial shot was replaced by that of a BBC reporter in a blue anorak. It was the local guy from Look North, the one that sounded like his History teacher. The police cars and what he now identified as a black transit van were his backdrop.

“Unconfirmed reports are that the remains are that of a young man. More sinister, however, are that social media posts mention the presence of animal remains. As I said, none of these details have been confirmed and we await a police statement.” The man droned into his hand microphone, which resembled a large furry loofah.

The boy switched off the TV. There was nothing more to be learned from that. Besides, he knew the full story. He shuffled down the bed an pulled the duvet up to his chin. It was Saturday, the day his new friend told him he wouldn’t see. He was right. The lad closed his eyes and recalled events one day earlier.

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