ThevBroken Doll: Chapter Ten. (Missing Chapter).

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She felt his obvious arousal as he placed her on the torn cushions.

Tahrir placed both hands on Soraya’s head pulling her towards him. He glared at Mustafa.

“That will be all. Prepare to move out. The tree will be in Samarra in two days. I want to be there to welcome it with the Caliph.” He  placed one arm around her waist and the other behind her knees as she relaxed passively into his arms. She knew the end was near.  He  lifted the young woman gently and held her close, ignoring the big man. “You, Jamila, will have to be three times as good as I anticipated. I was looking forward to a nice little game with you and the unfortunate twins.”

Soraya turned to Mustafa, her eyes pleading with him to leave now. The giant Turk returned a look of compliance and, reluctantly, he departed.

“Now, Jamila, let’s bathe before we begin. I have been looking forward to this.” Tahrir  carried the young woman into the smaller chamber. Not for the first time, or the last, Soraya steeled herself for more sacrifice. She felt his obvious arousal as he placed her on the torn cushions. It became visible as he stepped back and placed his hands on his hips, thrusting them towards her. However, there was no disgust in her affection. She knew her fate.

“Let me see what I have traded for your precious tree. I hope you are worth it,” The Governor said, removing his robes. Soraya had never witnessed male excitement and, far from fearing it, she mused at it. This fleshy extension of the only man she’d seen in this state induced a fit of giggles which she tried to suppress. She let her clothing slip from her body in a way which was more instinctive than intentional. It was as if she was possessed by another being. Her actions seemed to fall favourably on the monster before her. Her thoughts took her back to the little goats which occupied the yard outside the kitchen of her home. The billy would chase his harem around until he caught one and began the comedic dance of coupling with her. Again, she tried to stifle a laugh. Fortunately, Tahrir was oblivious to anything but her physical appearance.

He leapt upon the young woman, to her relief, for she was no longer able to hide her mirth in an incongruous reaction to her circumstances. As he set himself upon her with every part of his vile presence, Soraya experienced a numbness, both physical and mental. It was as if she was observing proceedings from a place in the corner of the room. She believed that no weapon could harm her. Not even his sword-like flesh. Or was it a mere dagger? The chuckles returned and this time he noticed, as he withdrew his body from hers.

“Are you amused, my little bird?” He grunted in her ear, suddenly becoming aware of his own inadequacy. His hand grasped her private place, the first to do so. She felt his grip through her temporary paralysis. Tahrir forced his head into her naked neck and began to almost devour her. Every muscle below her waist clenched as she felt his tongue on her neck like a flaming torch. 

She devoured the physical and mental pain like food and drink, for she knew that this was her fate, her calling. They entered the warm scented water and Tahir forced her head into it as he thrust his manhood at her like a desperate soldier in battle.

This counterfeit act of love, of  which her mother had spoken, bore no resemblance to the soft, warm advances she would never grow to experience. The man’s odious actions surpassed even the animal instincts of the little billy goat. Her lungs began to explode with the desire to inhale, she knew it was too early, too easy to die now. Tahir’s depravity had to be exposed to its limits.

Soraya felt him enter her and something broke inside. Deep in her inner being, something snapped, sending her falling to oblivion. Like a helpless, tumbling object, she saw the world rushing by. There would be no impact for her though. She would be suspended in this state until her tormentor was done with her.

She knew she had to face this head on and held her breath, waiting for some relief. It came in two ways as he allowed her to surface and emptied his foul seed into her. She gasped for air and vomited in a brace of desperate actions.

Tahrir pushed her away in disgust, his ardour shrunk with his softening member. He crawled out of the bath, his strength sapped as if he’d run a marathon. Soraya cowered at the opposite end of the pool, her senses returning one by one. It was like waking from a nightmare, only to discover it was real. Her chest heaved and her belly ached in a combination of agonies. 

Soraya’s innocence had been taken in a few seconds of depraved desire. The trade had been unequal, her life for a moment of satisfaction for her nemesis. She took in the pain, savouring it’s burning sensation, certain in the fact that she would repay him tenfold when the time came. That thought kept her going through days and weeks of torture at the hands of this evil man.

When his sexual desire was spent he’d switch to sadistic acts to satisfy his perverted impulses. The former no longer hurt the young woman but the latter left its physical marks.


The following day, when they reached Samarra, Soraya’s ordeal was halted by a strange series of events. The Caliph never got to see Tahrir’s gift as he was murdered the day before their arrival. There was a brief period of stunned peace throughout the city in which Soraya would affect her revenge on Tahrir. First, however, she had to befriend his pride and joy, the Princess Amira.

This beautiful but dim young woman would be the first weapon she would use on the Governor.


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