Two Steps Back:

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I managed to get a prime spot overlooking the lakez

Have you ever been so excited about something that you are inevitably disappointed when the occasion eventually comes around?

It has happened to me several times and yesterday was one example. Having found a beautiful village which had many amenities and a pub run by English people, I decided to return, carless, for another look and a few beers.

The route I took was a 16km walk on the old railway line I’d tried out on Monday.

It was a beautiful relaxing walk on an equally exquisite spring day. I chatted away to myself, putting the world and my past experiences to rights. At my chosen end I had to take the same bus which I’d used to get to the start of my walk. Unfortunately, I had strayed, by a kilometre or so, into the “charging zone”.

Having  €2.50 for a five minute journey, I arrived in Huelgoat and made for the said establishment. The English lady wasn’t there and the place was empty apart from the barmaid and an elderly man nursing the tiniest glass of white wine. They were chatting away in French.

I ordered my beer and took my seat, to write part six (below). Then, the strangest of things happened. A steady flow of English people of a certain age commenced to enter the place.

Eventually, there were a dozen or so post-retirement folks and a couple of builder types chatting away. There was no attempt to speak French when ordering drinks or interacting with the couple of locals. When the conversation turned to gout, corns and “the distinct lack of good tradesmen in this damned country”, I became a tad uncomfortable.

Weirdly, I was taken back to the UK and suddenly thought, this isn’t what I want. I finished my third beer and said the usual goodbye, good day to the lady behind the bar. I headed for the other bar, a more traditional place with PMU screens and a hundred ways to gamble. I managed to get a prime spot overlooking the lake and watch the sunset over real France and listen to the various conversations, in French.

Call me a Francosnob but this was more like it.


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