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…spilling off the other side like tea off a saucer.

I want to tell you about a period of about five minutes today, where I was lost in another world. The cause? Waves.

I’m sure most of us have visited the coast, whether it be home, like me, or on holiday. We have been mesmerised by the actions of the sea on the coast, water on land. Two of the three elements that make up this planet.

The waves are the language of the sea, its words. Whether it be the deafening scream of a storm, of which we’ve had our fair share recently; or the faint whisper of the ripples that tickle the sand on a calm day. Each wave is different, like a liquid fingerprint.

Anyway, back to my experience. I love to watch for the bigger waves. Those which will explode in a cloud of spray when they strike the sea wall or rocks. My Dad used to say it was every seventh wave but It never worked out that way, which was part of the magic.

On this occasion, I had driven to a tiny port of Locquermau, north west of home. To say this ‘L’ shaped piece of concrete was a port did exaggerate things a bit. Nevertheless, I parked as near as I could to the jetty and walked around the tiny headland. As usual, the view began it’s enchantment. Then I was shocked to find millions of clam shells deposited against the concrete. They reminded me of the millions of bones dépose in the Catacombs of Paris. (story coming).

…millions of clam shells deposited against the concrete.

Immediately following that, I began looking at the waves and the unique way they interacted with the jetty. They rolled up with their usual irresistible power, then hit the angle of the jetty, producing the cloud of salty spray. However, as they came to rest on the jetty they ran along it, spilling off the other side like tea off a saucer.

I was drawn in by this intricate dance, which varied with the size of each wave. I don’t know how much time passed, but I was gone for several minutes, being brought back by a polite “bonjour” from two women nearby.


I followed the coastal road to Domain du Dourven; another digit of land poking into the sea, this area boasted a Bambouseraie. This forest of giant bamboo resembled somewhere in the far east rather than the Atlantic coast.

…this area boasted a Bambouseraie.

The footpath, part of the national GR35 path, was diverted in several places due to damage caused by recent storms. However, the effort was worth it with yet another beautiful tiny secret bay. This place just keeps giving and will outlive me before I finish exploring its delights!

Now, the story …

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  1. Kenneth Childs

    Sounds Idealistic Brian.


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